DIY: Riley’s Lemonade Shelf

Whew, chile!!

I got this idea in early April, and I have not been able to get the thought out of my head! That’s usually how it goes with me though. As a creative director, I get these awesome photo shoot and DIY project ideas, and I cannot continue on with life until I accomplish and execute them!!

Here are two examples.



I know you don’t understand, so just pray for me, sis. My birthday is coming up, and…


But for now, let’s get to this LEMONADE STAND!



Things you will need:

  • 4 – Unfinished Pine Crates (12 1/2″ x 9 5/8″ x 17 7/8″)
  • 2 – Acrylic Paint Bottles 8 oz.
  • 1-2″ Paint Brushes
  • 2- 1/2″ Wood Planks
  • 1- Wooden Sign
  • Gorilla Glue/ Liquid Nails
  • 2 – Metal Hooks
  • 2- 20″ Lines of Yarn or Ribbon
  • 4-8 Zipties
  • Staging Items

Our Inspiration!


Step 1: Get the Crates

Image result for crates from michaels

So you can go to Michael’s in one day and get all four, oooooor you can go to two different stores in two days to use your 50% off coupon. Either way, you’ll need 4 of them.

Basically, I was being cheap FRUGAL. And now you can too.

Step 2: Paint The Crates

While at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, grab some acrylic paint. I bought two 8 oz bottles and that was plenty.

Paint all sides of the crates, and make sure you add a few extra coats; you want your color(s) to POP!


In total, I added 4 coats of paint to the crates from start to finish.



Step 3: Wooden Scraps, Clamps and Gorilla Glue

While at Home Depot, I went in their scrap wood area and grabbed two wooden planks that were 8′ tall, and only 75 cents. Then I asked an associate to assist me as I cut them down to 5′.

Sidebar: The first two cuts are free! After that its 50 cents.

I also went in the adhesive aisle and grabbed some gorilla glue (the clear gel) . This stuff works wonders!

When you apply it, it bubbles up, so don’t freak out. That’s how you know its working!

Lastly, I went and grabbed 6 clamps to hold the crate, planks, and glue together overnight.

She’s been working hard, huh?

Step 4: The Beautiful Metal Hooks

Grab your metal hooks and see if you can screw them into your planks first before pre-drilling! If you can, just screw them in, if not grab your drill and pre-drill a small hole so your screw can fit in perfectly.

Pause. I would just like to take a moment to admire this beautiful hook. Isn’t it just dreamy?

Scroll up, and look at it again!

Ya. I did that. 🙂

Check out this video of me screwing the hooks in. Thank God I didn’t have to pre-drill this time


Step 5: Your Sign and String

Now that your lemonade stand is practically done, you should now figure out how you want the sign to look. Once your sign is complete, tie some form of string, ribbon, or yarn to the back and hook it to your newly finished metal hook.

I bought my sign from Hobby Lobby and had my favorite t-shirt lady add Riley’s logo. She also added her logo to some cups for us too. 🙂

Here are the cups. Cups are not required, I’m just extraaa.


Oh and I made this logo off Canva. What would I do without Canva?

Riley's Lemonade (2).png

Step 6: Secure the Zipties

If you want this stand to be permanent, glue each crate together. If you have a small car like me and need to be able to break it down, use zip ties in order to secure the stand.

Image result for zip ties on the lemonade stand

I didn’t have a chance to do this for our photos, but I definitely will for the actual lemonade stand sale!

Step 7: Stage your stand

You need to make sure when you’re staging, you have a common look and color scheme.

Wait… who am I kidding? You can stage your stand however you want too!

Just make sure you have extra supplies just in case you run out of the first few.

Lastly, did you notice we have photos of a few of our favorite people on our lemonade stand? @Beyonce and our grandmother who was the epitome of a strong woman, Terry Jo Curtis. Terry Jo is the reason this blog is here today (hint hint, The Life of Jo Jo). The “Jo” dynasty is because of her.

66124382_10158756167868569_2025173338871037952_n (2).jpg

Well, that’s all I have on lemonade stands! Have you made a lemonade stand? What did you do differently? Let us know! Teach us something!

Riley’s Lemonade Shelf will be coming to a location near you.




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