Foodie: Cooking Chronicles Of a Hangry Black Woman – Breakfast Edition


If this is your first time tuning in, this is only the second edition of ‘The Cooking Chronicles of a Hangry Black Woman’, so you haven’t missed much.

But check out the Kale Edition here!

Riley and I love breakfast food!

Like, LOVE IT!

We don’t actually eat it that often for breakfast because we are usually rushing out the door, but don’t get it twisted we still grab a sausage or two and a banana on weekdays before work and school.

On weekends, we can do a little more cooking…as we call it.

This is a watered-down version of what I usually make on weekends.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

You: “Laurin, why do you have those premade waffles?”


They are delicious!

I justed wanted you all to see that you don’t always have to make a huge and complex breakfast in order to be full. In fact, I was stuffed off this meal!

But, I’ll have to show you all the full spread next time. I’m sure you’ll love it!

I  added some sausage to Riley’s plate, and I burnt my bacon…so this is all that I had.

Lastly, you know my motto.

The most important part of cooking is plating the food. Who wants to eat food that’s just thrown on a plate??

Until next time my fellow hangry women!


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