Events: Why Ombre Brows with Symmetry Eyebrows is Worth Every Cent and More!

I recently experienced ombre brows at Symmetry Eyebrows, and I am almost positive that I’m obsessed now. Ombre brows are similar to microblading, but it’s noninvasive and last a lot longer!

Let me tell you a little about the owner, Meaghan Remmie.

67121553_494601967779468_2032836561254481920_n.jpgMeaghan’s true love and eye for beauty, fashion, and design began as far back as playing dress-up and make-believe when she was a little girl. It has continued to have her in awe when it comes to anything beauty related. She first learned of Microblading 3 1/2 years ago by a friend that suggested she look into taking a class because she thought she’d be really great at it.

She had just moved to Houston,  and had no connections which caused her to have some reservations at first. Fast forward nearly 3 years later, she has performed over one thousand services and is now opening her own salon, Symmetry Brows Microblading, in Houston, Texas. They will be offering Microblading, ombré, combination brows, lash lift and tint, teeth whitening, non-invasive body sculpting.

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Let me walk you through the process…

When I arrived Meaghan, assessed my eyebrows, lightly drew them in, and used her measuring tool to make sure my eyebrows would turn out perfect, and boy did they!

Once she was done, the mircoblading started. Let me answer a few questions you all have had!

“Laurin, how did it feel? Did it hurt?”

Surprisingly, no! It didn’t feel bad at all! Honestly,  it felt like my two-year-old was drawing on my face with her pencil. I’m joking, but that’s how light it was.

If you have tattoos, you won’t feel a thing, and if you don’t Meaghan has numbing cream for you!

After she added the numbing cream, I didn’t feel anything at all. In fact, I could have gone to sleep.

If you need more, just let her know. 🙂

“Laurin, how long did it take?” Is it uncomfortable sitting there for such a long time?”

It takes anywhere from 1-2 hours, and the chairs are very comfortable, so you will be 67177833_427287577862104_4740254447093940224_n.jpgfine. 🙂

“Laurin, what if I don’t like them? Can she correct the microblading?”

66674921_2080702832233925_9005164174682095616_n.jpgPrior to her starting, she will draw your eyebrows in and make sure you like them, if you don’t like them now is your time to say it. She’s a perfectionist too, so she will go back and forth correcting them until you BOTH like them.  But the good news is, her work is so natural that it’s always better to add more than to take away. She also stops periodically to make sure both of you are still on the same page.

I’m sure you will love them. Her hands are magic.66759480_514202829316933_2806749900891488256_n.jpg

“Laurin, how long does microblading last?”

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts up to three months, after three months, you’ll need a touch-up. After that touch-up, you will be good to go for up to one year!

That sounds magical, right?!65469359_2193201320729404_8757381360982687744_o

Not having to touch your eyebrows ever again!

If you want your eyebrows similar to mine, book online under ‘Ombre/ Powder Brows’!

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to either me or Meaghan!

Check out this video below.



Go follow her business pages on Facebook and Instagram, and let me see your eyebrows when she does them!


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