Events: How this Creative Sister Duo is Crushing The Sweets Industry!

Hey Y’all!

I know that we all get excited about new businesses in the area, so I wanted to share this one with you. This hot new spot in Cypress that is too cute to pass up! I’ve already deemed it “Riley’s Good Girl Store”, and she is completely on board with that!

Have you ever heard of Cypress Sweets? Let me tell you more about it!


Total satisfaction for all of your sweet tooth desires can be accomplished only by making a trip to Cypress Sweets! Whether you like hard candy, chocolates, nuts, gifts for any occasion, or just having a daily snack, we have what you’re looking for at our family-owned and -operated boutique candy store in Cypress, TX.

Dive In For The Sweet Fun

Candy from all types, shapes, and sizes are all the rage at our candy store. We feature America’s favorite candy brands, including PEZ, Jaw Busters, Fun Dip, Goetzke’s, Albanese, and many more. It’s a candy lover’s dream as you can select your favorites, mix and match, and shop until your heart’s content from our fabulous selection. You can experience significant savings when you purchase candy in bulk.IMG_2189.PNG


  • Private craft parties
  • Candy craft hour
  • Craft field trips
  • Seasonal events
  • Meetings

Their shop features a great event space that is perfect for a crafting party. You can invite the whole gang to let their creative juices flow for an unforgettable youth event/party or meeting. We’re also a popular destination for field trips and can also assist with school and group fundraisers.

IMG_2181.PNGCypress Sweets is pleased to offer a 10 percent discount to police officers and military service members as well as a 5 percent discount for teachers and students. We also regularly donate to the Cy-Fair Helping Hands Organization – a charity group that offers assistance of many kinds to homeless teens in the Cy-Fair Independent School District area.

This creative sister duo is crushing the Cypress area one sweet at a time!  The shop is amazingly designed, the candy was hand-chosen with intention, and the craft classes are IMG_6157super fun!

While there, Riley was able to take part in a crafts class where they made bracelets out of gumballs.

Now, if you know my child, you know that’s LITERALLY mixing her two favorite things; candy and jewelry! So needless to say, she had a BALL! -haha

My favorite part was actually watching the class. You can tell that these classes are very thought out and very put together by the level of detail in the candy selections, tools, and even the atmosphere!

These craft classes are an awesome kids activity to pop in and take part in every Saturday!

IMG_3169Cypress Sweets would be an awesome place to host children’s birthday parties, or even just to pop in for a mid-day snack!

If you’re planning to visit Cypress Sweets soon, my daughter Riley actually has a lemonade stand that she will be setting up here on July 27 and August 3rd! I want this to be a HUGE success; not only for us but for Cypress Sweets! So come join us for a cup of lemonade and a treat!

Have you been to Cypress Sweets before? What was your favorite treat?

I would HIGH RECOMMEND a Nerds Rope and the fudge brownie. This brownie is something you’ve only dreamed about eating!


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