Travel: Therapeutic Solo Trips, Self-Love, Peace of Mind, Clarity

You know, if you asked me 5 years ago would I ever take a solo trip by myself, I would have said “HELL NO!”

But, that’s what growth is for right?

I have been on trips with a group of 2 and a group of 10! I love traveling in general, but I really think I had the time of my life by myself.

The primary take away from my solo trip was gaining peace and clarity.

Sometimes, when you have others around it’s hard to fully have peace within your mind.

Sometimes you just need silence.

Being on your own and making your own decisions without any outside opinions is so refreshing.

If you read my blog post about the excursions I explored while in Dubai, you know that some of the excursions were unplanned; and that was the best decision EVER!

Waking up whenever I wanted, getting dressed, and going downstairs to see what excursions were scheduled for that day was the best feeling in the world.

I am a pretty spontaneous person, so this was right up my alley.

I also learned a lot about myself on this trip.

I learned I get seasick pretty fast, I learned I am very resourceful, and I learned that my fearless level is scary high. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t fear many things at all. Whatever happens to me, is already written in his will. I put complete trust in God.

Another awesome thing I learned while on a solo trip is that you meet the best people! I met people from literally all around the world, and usually, people invite you in more when you are alone.

If you’re thinking about taking a solo trip, DO IT! It is one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever done!

You really become one within yourself. This was definitely like my Eat, Pray, Love trip.

Talk to me about your solo trips below! How did you like it? Where did you go? What was your favorite part of a solo trip?

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