Lifestyle: 5 Essential Tips for Taking your Kids to Homecoming #HBCUStyle


Alright, so if you didn’t attend THE Prairie View A&M University you wouldn’t know how to answer that chant. Lol.

Once my sitter bailed on me the day of homecoming, I had to think FAST! Then I thought, why not just take her with me!

‘Start em young’, they always say.

**Me starting her young. Lol


I’m happy I did because she had the time of her life!!

From the parade to the trail ride, and even the band; Riley loved every minute!

She was even able to spend some time with my old bus driver whom I grew to love over my 4 years at Prairie View!

Shout out to Miss Johnson! We love her!

If you’ve never been to homecoming, but specifically an HBCU homecoming, you haven’t lived.

Just imagine thousands of beautiful people, a football game,  great music, and great FOOD!

Check out these photos below!


What school did you attend and how LIVE is your homecoming?


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