Architecture: Tiny House Getaway…Why I’m completely obsessed

When your family asks to watch your child and you have 24 hours to get away, you don’t think, you just GO!

This tiny house from ‘Getaway House’ outside of Dallas was the perfect escape from my crazy fast-paced life.


I love how spontaneous I am. I really need to take more of these little trips. They don’t have to be for long. I was literally gone for a day and those hours made a world of a difference. Especially being in nature. I love really outdoors.

Anywho, I Googled “cabins near me”, and this came up!

The cabins were pretty small, but for someone who was trying to live the life of a minimalist for a day; it was the perfect size!

I was also surprised at how nice they were on the inside. Almost like an upscale hotel.


Check out this photo of my favorite detail inside. They literally thought of EVERYTHING!



This time, I didn’t have the chance to actually BBQ outside, but next time I will for sure!


Have you stayed in a Tiny House? Tell me about your experience below.



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