Lifestyle: Making Halloween A Learning Experience

Growing up, my grandmother would always tell us we DO NOT celebrate Halloween! We could barely dress up, and if we did, we had to be something Godly. I mean, a person can only be an angel so many times before you really starting thinking your actually…you guessed it AN ANGEL.

Haha! Love you Nana!

In today’s society, it’s kinda hard to avoid it. So rather than asking my daughter what she wanted to be or simply just making her a zombie or witch, I decided to educate her on a few occupations hoping one would stick; and one definitely stood out to her!


Ever since the “Be Anything: Barbie Tour”, Riley’s had an obsession with astronauts. So, we did a little research, I taught her (and myself because it’s been decades) about the solar system, and at the end of our mini-training Gigi (my mother) bought her an astronaut costume!


We also decided to go to the Zoo for the “Zoo Boo” event rather than going to a whole bunch of creeps house. Lol. That’s always been pretty weird to me, but this is a no-judgment zone if you do. Just preference, that’s all.


Check out some of our photos from our Sunday Funday!

What did you all do for Halloween?



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