Travel: Disney 2.0 Bigger and Better!!!


Where do I even begin?

Year two of ‘Influencer Week’ is truly a blessing.


If you’d ask me three years ago how I felt about partnering with brands like Disney or Fabletics, I would say…

‘Girl, shut yo mouth!’


I’m literally speechless and emotional even writing now.

Spending the second year with my mini for her birthday is literally a dream.

Now…this year was a little different.

I did something that I would NOT recommend.

In fact, I paid for it for the following week.

Drumroll, please…

We went to FOUR parks in ONE day!

Sis, I don’t think you heard me properly.

We hit a 4 and 1.

Honnnney, when I tell you we had the time of our lives, but these dogs were barking!

I mean ruff-ruff growl!

We went to:

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


& Magic Kingdom.

Last year, we went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom and didn’t even see a third of either park…they’re that big!


But, this year we went on new rides, met new characters, and even explored the new Toy Story park inside Hollywood Studios!

It was tiring but totally worth it.

This was just a warm up though. I have a new blog post coming out on 4/292020 detailing every park!

Stay tuned!

What’s your favorite park at Disney World?



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