Travel: Disney Resort Living…You Won’t Regret This

Hey, y’all!

I’ve been swamped with work…and more work than I’ve haven’t able to give you all a download on my most recent trip to Disney!

I thought last year was fun…nah this year was BOMB; specifically our resort!

Although I travel A LOT, I usually don’t stay in resorts. I’d prefer to stay in regular hotels or hostels.

So. This resort living was EVERYTHING!

Check out a few key highlights of staying in a resort!

  1.  Early Bird Magical Hours

Did you know if you stay at a Disney Resort you automatically opt into “Magical Hours”?

What are Magical Hours you asked?

It’s when Disney opens one park one hour early and YOU get to go in!

Yup, so when we went it was ‘Animal Kingdom’!

That was two rides where we didn’t have to wait in line AT ALL!

It was really MAGICAL!

2. Awesome food and drinks

You know how some resorts have awful food, so you have no choice but to order in?

Not here.

At the Disney All Sports Resort, the food was BOMB!

Specifically the bacon cheeseburger.

And this is coming from someone who rarely eats red meat.

They also have souvenir cups for $19.99 that come with free refills!

3. Souvenir shops on the go!

Now speaking of souvenirs… On the last day, I totally forgot to get a gift for my baby godson.

Good thing there was a souvenir shop at the resort with the EXACT same merch as in Disney World!

Ears and all!

This really came in handy!

4. Pools, Parks, and Fun!

Last but certainly NOT LEAST was the activities! There was so much going on I could hardly keep track! From tie-dye shirt making to horse racing, and swimming contest; our kids never wanted to leave!

They almost didn’t want to go to Disney, until they actually got there!

Even the parents had a great time!

Have you ever stayed in a Disney resort?

What was your favorite part?



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