Lifestyle: Coronavirrrrrus! A Fun Kid’s Game to Play While Home!

Anyone else going completely crazy in the house?

I have so much to do and I appreciate not having to leave, but I really do enjoy the separation.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for a job (that I love…might I add) and life as a whole!

Surprisingly enough, I really enjoy spending time with my inquisitive three-year-old; she’s literally a walking genius.

** I said surprisingly because she’s been with her dad for a week and after seeing 100 posts about how miserable parents are right now, I didn’t know what to expect. Y’all were scaring me for a bit there. Lol. **

Today I pulled out a fresh pack of UNO cards and to my surprised, the competition WAS ON!

I never thought a three-year-old could understand a simple game of UNO, but apparently so…and all the intricate details as well!

She would get so excited and chuckle to herself when she drew a ‘skip’ or a ‘draw two’ card.

Every time she laughed, I knew it was coming… Lol.

And in the end, she won!

At this age, she not only repeats everything but understands and can articulate anything she wants to sees. It’s beautiful.

What games are you all playing at home with your minis?!


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