Lifestyle: Quarantined, Blessed, and Ready to take on Whatever!

Hey, y’all!

This has been a pretty stressful month…to say the least.

My great aunt in Indiana passed away.

My great uncle is currently in the hospital.

His son and his son’s wife were in the hospital.

And on top of all of that… work has been HELL!

I also have Riley most of the time, and I’ve been trying to incorporate learning into LITERALLY EVERYTHING!

She’ll most likely be the youngest Architect in the world after all of this is done.

There is so much to complain about, but I’d much rather praise God for what he has done and continues to do.

Every day when I wake up, I think God for:

Indeed waking Riley and I up

Good Health

And for providing our basic necessities like a home and food.

That’s it. That’s really all you need. Yes, I love Ross, Hobby Lobby, and the nail shop; but that’s not what’s really important.

We take ‘being in good health’ for granted!

What are you most thankful for in today’s climate?


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