Lifestyle: Mid-Year Update



Ya girl has been BUUUUSY!

Actually, no. Busy is an understatement.

I’ve been swamped.

Work is literally life right now.

My Creative Design Firm is literally taking off and I can barely keep up.

Juggling a business with two entities is a beast within in itself, but if I could do this full time, I would be so happy!

As a Creative Designer, I’ve been told I have a golden eye for design. I love to design.

Whether its creating a logo, building a website, or redesigning and remodeling your kitchen; I see the beauty in design.

Oh, how’s my life when I’m not working?

Umm..yeah…about that…

Next subject! Lol!

Nah, but girl let me tell you!

I have a problem with this “work/life balance” they speak of.

Unless I’m on an island or somewhere interesting, I will always find some way to work. Luckily, market research is a huge part of my job and that’s always fun!!

How do you all separate work and life in these quarantined times?


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