Alchemy Bake Lab | Bad Ass Cookie Tart Cakes

Alchemy Bake Lab Owner, Kady Miller is a
licensed Cottage Baker, and is taking Cypress,
Katy, and the surrounding areas by storm,
serving up delectable edible tiny treats that are all
the RAVE with their intense sparkle and shine.
Kady is a remarkable woman, known for her
generosity in servicing her community by giving back
big-heartedly through her time and kitchen,
providing support to friends in need, charities, and
non-profit causes through the Cypress Area Eats for
Charity platform.

Alchemy Bank Lab is a mini dessert bake shop that
has four main branches. Ms. Miller is heavily focused
on: Dessert Delivery Service (think College Care
Packages and special occasions), Weddings, (dessert
bars), Community Markets and Outreach, and
custom Cookie Tart Cakes. “Shipping is something
pretty new for us, being a cottage bakery, we have to
abide with strict laws with shipping. As of September
2019, we are allowed to ship our treats as long as one
part of the sale is in person. So, for example, if one of
our local customers wants to order a Care Package
for their son/daughter in College, we can absolutely
make that happen,” shares Kady.

Have you ever seen a beautiful cake and wondered did it taste just as good? Well, the Cookie Tart Cake was delicious and so flawlessly designed, we didn’t want to cut it!

This Cookie Tart Cake was perfectly made with glitter honey cookies, macaroons, cream puff, and chocolate truffles! This cake is the perfect alternative to a traditional cake! Alchemy Bake Lab can design most shapes, numbers, and even letters!

To learn more about Alchemy Bake Lab and to see more amazing designs, head over to their Instagram page by clicking here.

Thank you so much for making my dessert table pop with this Cookie Tart Cake!

Xoxo, Laurin Jo

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