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Meet Whitney with Bloom + Blush: Originally started in Louisiana, Bloom + Blush is a contemporary flower company, specializing in monthly flower subscriptions. Although, our most popular item right now is their Bloombox. They also maintain fresh flowers on a weekly basis for businesses, such as Kendra Scott. Whitney launched B+B over 3 years ago after asking God to give me a fresh, new business idea that she would love. Whitney still remembers the day she and her kids were literally running through the house screaming hallelujah when He gave her the vision for Bloom + Blush. She was over-joyed. They’ve since become a growing flower company that incorporates rest and self-care into our brand, along with women appreciation. They are now looking forward to establishing our brand in the Houston area and connecting with their Houston Bloomies! They have so many beautiful things planned and can’t wait to share them. 

Whitney’s flower was perfectly positioned on my dessert table and went perfectly with the rest of the decore. This flower box is literally the perfect gift to give any woman. It’s beautiful yet simplistic and that’s what makes this box PERFECT! Once the party was over, this box set on my ottoman for 2 FULL WEEKS before the flowers started to wither away.

This is not just a flower box, this is a lifetime keepsake! This is a statement piece for ANY EVENT! My guest were completely blown away by this flower box…even a few who didn’t really care for flowers!

Thank you so much Whitney for being a part of my special. This flower box LITERALLY made my day! I liked flowers before, but after receiving this box, I LOVE FLOWERS! I cannot wait to work with you again in the future!

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