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Meet Brenda Sanchez-Moya: Like most people, she always been a fan of parties and family events. However, she always felt like they could be better or that they didn’t reach their full potential. So two years ago in 2018, she convinced her husband and son to help her build a wooden bench with a rustic aesthetic to it. After a while, she wasn’t satisfied with just one and we turned that one bench into 20 of them. They decided to give it a try and put these benches for rent so other people could enjoy the same things we enjoyed.

Fast forward to 2020: their family business has wedding arches, barrels, backdrops, Champagne Walls, Marquee letters that are 4 feet tall, and more! No matter the party, Brenda’s Party Time has you covered offering you the whole event planner and decoration or just the props you would like to add to your event, or their last addition,  picnics for you to enjoy a small gathering with the luxury touch in every detail.

Now we all know that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us in different ways, so the main goal of Brenda’s Party Time is to make these difficult times more enjoyable, providing you the best of us in every event.

Brenda and her team brought the awesome marquee letters. These letters brighten up the party! If you are having a party in the future, marquee letters from Brenda are A MUST!

Thank you so much for making my party pop!

You can contact them on:
Instagram:  @brendaspartytime
Facebook: @brendaspartytimesplendora 
Phone: 832-853-1314


Laurin Jo

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