Chubby Dips | Chocolate Covered Delights

Chubby Dips is a home based business located in the Memorial area of Houston, Texas. Established in 2019 and managed by husband and wife duo, Chubby Dips specializes in chocolate covered strawberries and offers an assortment of chocolate treats. They passion is creating memorable boxes for your special occasion!

They offer an assortment of birthday boxes, holiday themed boxes, sports themed boxes and we are always here to bring an idea to life!

They offer delivery within the Houston area and free parking lot pick up. Orders can be placed at www.chubbydips.com or via their social media accounts, here!

Chubby Dips is the perfect accent to any dessert table! This arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries, cherries, and pretzels were super delicious and also a great accent to my cake!

Chubby Dips can literally create any design you would like! Check out their Instagram here for more create designs by Chubby Dips!

Thank you so much Chubby Dips for taking my dessert table to the next level. By the end of the party, the table was empty!


Laurin Jo

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