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Have you ever seen a balloon design so grand that it made you envision your entire event? This was my exact feeling when I found the @neverlandballons Instagram page!

Balloon Josh

is no ammeter to the balloon world. He has over 26 years of experience and known clients such as Nickelodeon, The University of Houston, and Exxon Mobil; just to name a few!

Ballon Josh completely made my simple balloon garland idea, an EXTRAVAGANT yet TIMELESS work of art! He was super easy to work with and also ecstatic to learn about my vision!

Josh and his team are a creative group of individuals who enjoy a party challenge and can take on any design you pitch their way! If you don’t already follow @neverlandballoons, click here and follow them!

Ultimately, if you’re still obsessed with Neverland Balloon like we are, check out their bio below to hear more about this awesome company!

If you can imagine it—we can do it!

Our team is flexible, creative, incredibly talented, and we love a challenge. Request whatever you want! We love to improvise and create original art on the spot, and the results amaze and delight customers of all ages.

All our materials are of the highest quality: We work only with 100% natural latex rubber that is biodegradable and safe for children, animals and the environment—and we are always well-stocked with a wide range of vibrantly-colored balloons, many of which you may never have seen before. Our face paints are all FDA-approved, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

We give companies and individuals the same attractive rates: Unlike others in our industry, we don’t charge companies extra just because they might be able to pay us more. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private party or a community celebration, you’ll enjoy the same budget-friendly rates.

What’s your favorite part of the balloon garland design? We love the gold accents and the swirly balloons!


Laurin Jo

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