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Meet Fiorella Cortes: Her passion for flowers design, decorative
arrangements, and event planning began in Guatemala where she was blessed to support her family’s floral business. This experience helped her develop my craft and more importantly, understand the value of helping people bring their vision to life. She moved to the United States twenty-seven years ago with her husband to continue his medical career.

As a dedicated mother of two beautiful children, she channeled her passion through volunteering at church events, school functions, and birthday parties. It was always my dream to start her own business, and for the last two years she has done just that. In an industry that is dominated by wholesale distributors, Fiorella FP Designs works exclusively with individual clients and is committed to bringing your personal vision to life! Fiorella loves creating customized arrangements, and while she specializes in flowers and balloons, she is always excited by your ideas.

Fiorella provided the “28” balloon design for my soiree and this balloon set was AMAZING!

This balloon design was at the front of my dessert table and literally POPPED!

Thank you so much for this balloon set, Fiorella! These balloons were perfect!

If you need a custom balloon design for your next event, don’t forget about Fiorella! She will take your party to the next level.

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Laurin Jo

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