Lifestyle: 14 Day Fast Realizations

Most of you don’t know this, but I’ve been on a strict fast for the last 14 days. While it wasn’t easy, it was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had.

I felt this fast was necessary because I wanted to dig deep within my spiritual relationship with God to be able to accept all of the exciting blessings coming my way. I also wanted to genuinely hear from God and to have the wisdom to make decisions that he would approve of. The devil tried to take control…on a few occasions, but with God, I ALWAYS came out on top.

While near the end of this journey, I learned something I wish I would have learned 10 years ago; and it’s literally the simplest thing EVER!

Stop looking to get advice from other people about your life and your situation…even if they’re qualified. There’s no one that knows about your situation more than God does!

Have doubts? Pray.

Confused and frustrated? Pray.

Need guidance? Pray.

That’s it.

It’s alright to hear others out, but the ultimate decisions should come from a conversation you have with GOD.

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