posh picnics – the only solution for Houston picnics

Posh Picnics was launched in October of 2020. The concept came about from the passion to decorate, serve others, and let clients enjoy a covid-free space where they can make memories with their family and friends as well as have that Instagramable moment!

These picnics strive to give you the most fancy, styled picnic with attention to detail. They want you to have such a wonderful time whether it be a special occasion or just because you want to do something special for your loved one. Posh Picnics is an experience to remember!

Rose with Posh Picnics is such a beautiful soul. While planning this tea party, we didn’t know exactly how everything was going to come together, but Rose came on board and really took our party to the next level!

Her attention to detail is impeccable, and our girls absolutely LOVED the set up!

She is very knowledgable about the city, her craft, and she’s even worked with countless other party vendors in the city! Posh Picnics the only source for picnics in Houston!

For more information about Rose and Posh Picnics, click here!

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