Lifestyle: Our Newest Addition, Indy Jo!

Meet Riley Jo’s new sister, Indy Jo! 🐶🐩

Here are a few things you should know about her:

🐶She’s literally a baby. She’s only 9 weeks, and she cries when she needs to use the restroom and when she can’t see you. We are currently potty training her and she’s doing a great job!

🐶She truly doesn’t shed; that’s why we’ve been on a waiting list for 6+ months for a Golden Doodle. I’ve always hated seeing a bunch of dog hair on someone’s clothes.

🐶 She’s so sweet and playful!

🐶 She’s already spoiled and loves dressing up…we think 🤣

🐶 She’s a standard F1B, so she’s small now, but she will get bigger and more beautiful in about a year!

🐶 She pretty much goes everywhere with us!

So, if I can’t bring Indy Jo and Riley Jo, I can’t come…🤣 For now…

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