Travel: The Art Obsessed Lorenzo Hotel Sweeps the City of Dallas

Indy Jo and I had a ball staying at Lorenzo Hotel last week! I am so excited to share this experience… But where do I begin?

The hotel was originally built in 1971 by Bobby Bridewell as a Ramada Inn. After years of planning, creating, being completely gutted, and new designing, the space reopened as the Lorenzo Hotel.

Oh! Wanna know a fun fact?

In July 1976, after a heated fight with Ike, Tina Turner made her way across the highway to the Ramada Inn. She only had a Mobil card and 36 cents in her possession, she was given the Presidential Suite! To this day, Lorenzo Hotel hosts multiple tribute art pieces dedicated to Tina Turner. You can even stay in the same Cake Suite where she resided! Or choose to stay in the suite dedicated to Tina Turner, the Escape Suite! (Kinda fitting right?!?)

Imagine a world where art and customer service are at the forefront of the vision. With over 10,000 sq. ft. of luxuriousness, the Lorenzo Hotel is a hidden gem! There are multiple art galleries in the lobby, some featuring art from local artists.

Upon arrival, Indy (our Golden Doodle) was given a bag of doggie treats, which she LOVED! Check-in was super smooth, and the hotel was easy to navigate.

As an Architectural Designer, I really appreciated all the minor design details in the hotel like the window in the elevator that allows you to view the shaft, the wallpaper on the ceilings, and the beautifully designed signage holders! Check out my photo below! They’re hands!!

How cool, right?

Making our way to the outdoor spaces, we passed the White Room, a perfect spot for photo ops!

Their pool is extravagant, the cabanas are deluxe, and named after scientists Confusious! Although the cabanas are the highlight of the pool, if you venture past them, toward the back there you will find the cigar lounge overlooking the city of Dallas!

Of course, bringing my lovely travel companion into the narrative, I have to say our favorite area was the dog park! Indy and I were able to unleash and unwind while in this perfectly gated space.

The room was…

It was…

Sumptuous and enormous!

The Zen Suite was aptly equipped with all things ZEN! From the fanciest wallpaper, you’ve ever seen, to the meditation books, and the zen-inspired table with sand inside!

Check out my Instagram Reel video here.

Filled with the perfect amount of Asian décor, this room truly captured the essence of Zen.

And, as if the room and its amazing amenities are not enough to boast over, the views of downtown are breathtakingly beautiful and to die for! If the Zen design of the room doesn’t get you to your place of peace and meditation, gazing out of your windows will simply take you away.

Check out my Instagram Reel video here.

If you’re art obsessed like us and want to stay in a sophisticated and chic hotel, keep the Lorenzo Hotel must be high on your bucket list! If you are looking to get away from your norm, looking to immerse yourself in unique and diverse artistic community, it is an abundant experience all without leaving the Lorenzo Hotel!!

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