Travel: The Affordable Dubai Download

Can I be honest?

I hate spending money, but when I find a good deal it takes the edge off. 🤣

I’m sure you know this but a few years ago I took a solo trip to Dubai…which I booked two weeks before I went.

Before going, others would say how expensive it was, so I decided to challenge myself to find an inexpensive way to travel to the UAE… (United Arab Emirates)! Get in the zone, sis!

Here is how I find affordable travel in TWO STEPS!

Stalk different dates and time

To find the best prices, you should be flexible. You may have to leave on a Thursday or Monday, but the cost savings will be worth it!

Get your butt on EXPEDIA!

I tell everyone my favorite travel secret…which is…EXPEDIA. **cues angels singing

But that’s not it.

It’s the PACKAGES!

Let me elaborate.

When you look up a flight to Dubai, it will be $1,000+

When you click PACKAGES ( HOTELS + FLIGHTS), you are automatically saving yourself hundreds of dollars. See below.

Unless I’m in Tulum, I don’t ever rent cars out of the country (OFTC), so I usually just click STAYS and FLIGHTS!

Once I’ve added the hotel and flight and my results are in, I add my filters.

Now, I know I said I’m frugal, but should I have to compromise QUALITY while on vacay?

NOOOOOO! And I never do!

Yes, I want a good price, but I also want 4-5 stars!

Look what happens when I click PRICE + OUR PICKS… you get even better deals!


So, let me get this straight?! I can go to Dubai (HOTEL and FLIGHT 7 DAYS) for $1,182?!?

You see under the price where it says “per person includes flight + stay”!!

Yup, that’s it!

So, I do this about 220,000,000 times a year and this is how I find the best deals! 🤣

Comment below if you have any additional questions and check out my other blog post about Dubai excursions!

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