Travel – Spain, the Trip of a Lifetime

Spain. How did I end up here? Expedia, that’s how.

At least once a year I feel like I need to get away…

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“But Lo, you always “get away…”
**in my naggy annoyed person voice**

I know, I know but I’m talking about really getting away. Like an “eat, pray, love” trip.

Now I know some of you are thinking, again… “ Chile that was just a dumb movie about some rich white girl traveling the world.”

But it wasn’t, though.

It was about self-discovery. It was about passion and purpose.

But primarily about purpose.

Long story short, I had a few big changes in my life at once so I just wanted a “gratitude getaway”.

So per usual, I almost never know where I’m going when I book a “gratitude getaway.” I usually let the spirit lead me! Lol.

In this case, the spirit is THE PRICE!🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

So… I jumped on Expedia to only remember I had a flight credit that I didn’t use for Bali last year!

Sidebar: without my credit, this flight was $500 (a great price for SPAIN)!

Look at God!

So I booked this trip on a Friday and left on a Monday night.

Overnight flights are the best in my opinion.
Like I’ll be sleeping from 10-7 anyways, so why not go to sleep and wake up on another continent!

Back to the story.

So after 20 different country scenarios and considering the following:

⁃ Solo traveler safety
⁃ Health safety
⁃ Flight time
⁃ Flight cost
⁃ Hotel cost
⁃ Interesting excursions

I finally came up with Barcelona.

Sidebar 2.0: The list above is my go-by list order for ALL TRIPS! So when people ask me how I start to plan a trip…it’s here sis!

Barcelona is extremely safe and filled with so much history!

I know I primarily went to see the architecture, but there is so much more to see other than buildings designed but some genius architects.

⁃ Yacht 🛥 boat rides
⁃ Helicopter 🚁 rides
⁃ Walking tours
⁃ Cooking classes
⁃ Great shopping (especially Zara!)
⁃ Cable car rides

For the details of each excursion, check out my IG Reels!

My hotel accommodations were a little stressful, but we’ll be worth it!

So…everywhere I go I always try to experience the culture. I really really wanted to stay at a non-chain hotel, but I really do love Marriott and Hilton hotels. And plus… I was still working from home. YES! I was working from home this week.

I’m also a sucker for a good European breakfast; especially chocolate croissants 🥐!

Here is where I stayed:

⁃ Only $90/ night
⁃ It was centrally located
⁃ Extremely clean
⁃ In a quiet location
⁃ Free breakfast ( not just croissants either. I ate eggs, waffles, and even BACON)
⁃ Free and non-janky Wi-Fi
⁃ And a great lobby with a cool view. This was essential for “working from home” because I about drove myself crazy in my room the first day. The lobby literally became my office!

Now, if you’re working from home like me, you’ll probably wanna know how I made this whole trip happen right?

So… the flight was 9 hours. So again, from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am I was out like a lite on the flight. Now my usual schedule is 7-4, but with Spain being 7+HRS ahead, I was on the following draining, yet exciting schedule every day:

7:00 – 2:00 pm – Excursions and sightseeing
2:00 – 10:00 – WORK
10:00 – 6:00 – SLEEP

Do. It. Again. X6.

It may seem like a lot but I didn’t do excursions every day per se. Lol. And if I did it was a 2-hour relaxing yacht ride or shopping in the square!

All and all, these are the types of sacrifices I’m willing to make for traveling!

Have questions? Comments below because I’m sure I started rambling on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS!

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