Atlanta, Georgia

Did we ever tell you about the time we went to Atlanta for the 4th of July? It was super fun! And the best part… we met our family there! Walk with us through some of those good times!

I’m sure you’ve heard us mention a time or two that we have family everywhere, right? Well, they are EVERYWHERE, so when we go to Atlanta, it’s not uncommon for us to stay either with our Aunt Ri, or Uncle B! They always show us a good time! This particular trip was completely off the chain because spent a few days with so much of our small family. The picture to the right is Riley Jo with her Kiki and DeDe (great aunt and uncle)kiki; she is always in good spirits when they’re around! Although our family is small, we are still pretty close-knit. We video chat almost every day! Living 20 hours away from our immediate family can be hard, extremely hard at times, so those video calls really bring us a lot closer! Usually when we’re in Indy we bounce from their house to Riley’s GG’s house… we gotta spread the love! ♥

Riley gets really excited when she sees her GG (grandmother). And GG does exactly what every other grandmother in the world does… spoil’s her Rotten. And when I say rotten, there is an emphasis on the “R”. My mother never really thought she wanted grand kids until Miss Riley Jo was here, and honey when Riley came out, her GG was right there! I even postponed my C-Section because Riley’s dad and my mother ran home to freshen up; then my doctor decides to walk in and inform me that it was time.  (Side note: We had a scheduled procedure, although I fdafdsa - Copy - Copy - Copyreally wanted to have her naturally. I prolonged the procedure as long as I could, one whole day, until they just couldn’t safely put it off anymore… I may give more details on that in another post.)

But, honestly, I am so happy my mom was there! Riley’s dad and I had no idea what we were doing; we didn’t know what questions to ask, or even what to do with a baby. Although GG can be a bit outspoken at times, we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

This gentle soul is Uncle B. He is my nana’s brother, one of the sweetest, most hard-working people you’ll ever meet! He has a beautiful house in Georgia with afada backyard that will make you think you are anywhere, BUT the U.S. As a kid, and even now, I love sitting out on the patio conversing about family, and travel. This was his first-time meeting Riley.  We could definitely tell that he still couldn’t believe I had a child, much less that she was sitting right next to him! Growing up, he was one of many great father-figures in my life.

Lastly, this was completely random, and unexpected, but (brace yourself for my classless guilty pleasure) when we were at the airport restroom I heard a voice that I had only ever heard on TV. A voice so unique I could probably recognize it out of 50 billion people. That was the voice of Miss Juicy!  No, that was NOT a type-o. LOL Miss Juicy is a reality star on the hit show “Little Women: Atlanta”.  This show follows 6 “little people” around while they praise each other, fight, argue, and then praise each other again. Yes, this is one of my many reality show guilty pleasures! I like to think that since my life has little, to no drama, watching it is a lot better than inviting it into my life and dealing with it. This little firecracker is something else. Although, she is independent, intelligent, and the self-proclaimed “Queen of Atlanta”, she is also bossy, very loud, and completely unequivocal. But when your 7 month old is laughing and juicysmiling at everyone that walks past, and Miss Juicy stops to admire the little princess, how do you NOT get a picture with her, right? Needless to say, in person, she was quite opposite. She was nice, gentle, and very sweet. I was in complete shock! If you haven’t seen this show, tune into Lifetime to check it out!