Lo Jo Curtis

About us: Fast Facts About Me

Some Random Facts About Me, So We Get To Know Each Other Better   ♥FAVORITE COLOR Lime Green, Hunter Green, Gold , and Mustard Yellow 🤷🏾‍♀️ ♥REGARDLESS OF DIET, YOU COULD ALWAYS EAT Shrimp, Pizza, and Taco Salad (not together of course) ♥IF YOU COULD HAVE LUNCH WITH ANYONE DEAD OR ALIVE, IT WOULD BE […]


Top 6 Tips for Packing

Moving every year is pretty normal, right sis? WRONG, but on average 68% of young adults ages 20-30 move once every year and a half. This actually makes sense though. Rent goes up $20 or more, MOVE. Move in with “bae”, MOVE. New job, MOVE. Get a raise, MOVE. Well whether you move once a […]