F or as long as I can remember, my mother or grandmother would lug me with them to different conference, convention, road trips, or just vacation! This truly had an huge impact in my life today, because I am constantly looking up different flights or planning a trip. Travelling really does something to me. I will take a solo trip in a heartbeat! Being able to go and see the world, allows you to experience new things, learn new things, and interact with new people! Although, I  have a long list of places that I have yet to explore, the places I’ve been thus far have been amazing!

So, let’s back up. Since I was born in Cali, almost every summer I would fly out for weeks at a time, and fly back. I was usually the youngest passenger (which always had it’s perks!), and I would even meet some pretty cool flight attendants.

Side note: Check out this picture of Riley having a very serious conversation with a flight flyattendant who came up to us as we were snapping a few pictures. She was so in love with Riley she said “Tell you mama anytime you need a flight, Aunt May will send for you all, okay?”

She lived in Houston, but was from Indy as well. Small world, right?

But she was nice. I told her she had the most perfect job, ever. Her response was, “Yes, it is truly a blessing to see God’s work. To experience what he put here for us to experience. If he didn’t want to see his greatness, he wouldn’t have made it.”

With that being said, check out my list of “Top 6 Beautiful Places” I’ve explored.

  1. Haiti
  2. Jamaica
  3. Cozumel
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Miami
  6. Oceanside

Now check out my list of must-see spots before I go onto the glory.

  1. Dubai
  2. Egypt
  3. Santorini
  4. Phuket
  5. Rome
  6. Paris
  7. Maldives
  8. Australia
  9. Norway
  10. China